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Crafters Corner

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We love to help small businesses and crafts persons! Many of the décor products that we sell are custom-made for us by stay-at-home moms and other creative men and women whose products meet our high standards. And we are always surprised by the creative ways our customers use metal ornament trees, photo frames and ornament hooks to decorate and, display or sell their products. Here's an opportunity to show how creative you are with our metal and twig ornament trees, glass ornaments, ornament frames or ornament hooks. And, to get a free ad for your business. We little guys have to stick together and support each other! :-)

How can you get your product, store or website listed on this page? You are eligible if you use our products:

  • to make products that you then sell all year around,
  • to make or sell holiday crafting projects every year
  • to add value to products you make and sell;
  • to display products for sale in your store or trade show booth;
  • on your website.

Submit your business info (name, address, phone, or business email address, website address and a clear photo of our product as used for your handiwork/ products or as used to decorate your store/booth to us. If you prefer that we do not use your name just your business info and product photos, we can do that too. We appreciate your business and want to help you sell your products.

We also have a Crafters Discount program to help repeat crafting customers save money and time when re-ordering. Use the link below to get details of the program. Use our Contact Form to let us know you are interested in an ad on our Crafters Corner or the Crafters Discount Program.

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