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Warranty: Your Guarantee of Quality

Ornament Trees.com Warranty

Ornament-Trees.com Warranty Policy

Many of the products on our site are hand-made and imported from countries all over the world including: China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Australia. Some, but not many, are made in the USA. Since we do not manufacture any of our products, our warranty is limited to that provided by the importer. Rest assured, we make every effort to find and sell only the finest quality products and stand behind what we sell. You are covered by a 15 day "no questions asked", return and exchange policy meant to protect you if defects, shipping damage or fulfillment errors are discovered and reported within that time period. 

We unconditionally guarantee the beauty, quality and performance of our ornament tree accessories, ornament trees and other home decor.  Except for our handmade ornament hooks, the ornament tree accessories and home decor that we sell are imported. Some are custom modified by hand, here in the USA. Electrical items are made overseas and sold by suppliers here in the USA. Electrical items made for the US market are UL listed. Electrical goods imported from Canada are made to the North American Electrical Association standard and approved by the Canada Standards Association (their equivalent of Underwriters Laboratories here in the US) We assume no liability for electrical products which liability is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and supplier.

International use of electrical products: in general, our electrical items including Ornamotion and Ornamotor rotators are intended for use with the electrical current and batteries produced within the United States. We assume no liability for electrical products purchased and used outside of the United States which liability is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the purchased/ customer. An adapter may be required in order to use them with the electrical current in your country. Visit our Decorating Centre for more information about the electrical / battery requirements for our products.

Warranty Period: Your warranty coverage begins fifteen days after the product is delivered to you and expires after 60 days. However, the return period begins 15 days after the product has been delivered to you and expires after 30 days.

Defects/Damage: Our procedure for handling a defective or damaged order is different from the regular return process. If any ornament tree or product shipped to you arrives in a defective or damaged condition, you can exchange it for a full 100% replacement. Whenever possible, we will replace defective or damaged products at no additional cost to you.

Minor Surface Flaws on trees and glass garlands:  Occasionally there are minor surface or flaws which are a by-product of the manufacturing process. If your item has surface flaws or defects that affect its usability, contact us immediately to notify us immediately of the problem and get further instructions for an exchange or return. Click here for our return policy.

Disclaimers Regarding Pricing and Product Appearance

Product Appearance:Since we know that you can not see first-hand the lovely products in our store, we try very hard to make sure that the descriptions are accurate, detailed and complete. However, we reserve the right to make a mistake once in a while. :-) We can not control or accept responsibility for a mistake made by a supplier in their product pricing or descriptions or changes made to a product of which we are not aware. We do not expect our customers to perform "quality control" for us. However, It would be extremely difficult (and costly) to have every item that we carry inspected before it is shipped into or out of every warehouse or distribution center that we use. We will do our best to correct any error or replace defective merchandise - at no additional charge to you. Drop us a line if you receive an item that differs greatly from the photo or description posted on our site. Go here to read our return policy.

Errors, Corrections, Omissions: Adjustments or corrections due to errors or omissions can be made to our website and the Internet store at any time. These adjustments include pricing, shipping cost and methods, details and product descriptions, discontinued products not marked as such, structural changes to a product made by the manufacturer of which we are not aware, products that are sold out due to unexpected heavy demand, errors in typing or incorrect photo, dimensions or pricing shown with a product. We reserve the right to cancel an order when an error or omission applies.

Product Colors: Due to variations in brightness, contrast and the color balance settings of your monitor, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen will be an exact match for the color of any product in our store.


Thanks for shopping at Ornament Trees.com. We appreciate your business!