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Handling the Return of a Carrier Damaged Items

Damaged Item Return to Ornament Trees.comReturning items damaged in transit by the shipping carrier 

If the tree or product that you received was in a box that has holes, loose tape, or is in a box many times larger than the product there is a good possibility that the original shipping carton was damaged by the carrier (UPS, FedEX, DHL, USPS.)  I can assure you that we did not ship it to you in a damaged carton. the box will be badly beaten but, the tree may still  have all of its' pieces and parts. Please check the tree against the assembly instructions in the box to make sure it has all of the necessary pieces and parts. If the instructions  are missing, check our Decorating Center for product assembly instructions or contact us immediately.

Occasionally, in such cases, the box is so badly damaged or just slightly damaged for one or two loose pieces to fall out , order will have missing pieces/parts. Following are the steps to start the process of getting help with an order that was received damaged or defective. 
First step: Take photos of the item as you received it, the box in which it arrived and all packing materials. DO NOT DISCARD ANYTING until you receive final instructions from us. To take the photo you can use your smart phone, iPhone, iPad, tablet, digital camera  etc. As long as the photo is clear, contains an accurate photo of the damaged item and shipping carton the method of taking the photo is up to you. Send copies of your images to defective_item@ornamenttrees.com .
Second Step: Use the contact form on our website to let us know your order arrived damaged or is not operting. Be sure to include your first and last name, cart ID order number, the e-mail address on your order, the item number and a clear description of the problem. If you need an immediate replacement, let us know.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND BACK THE DAMAGED ITEM UNLESS WE NOTIFY YOU TO DO SO. We will notify the shipper who in turn will notify the carrier. Normally, the carrier will contact you within 5 business days and may ask to pick up the item within 8 business days. After you hear from the warehouse or the shipper, repack the item, just as you received it and put the box in a secure location from which they can pick it up. A damage claim will be initiated and the carrier may want to see the item before they refund your payment. All carriers have a limit on the time in which they will honor a damage claim.  Hold the order for pickup and examination by the carrier. Or, until notified by us how to return or to discard the item.
If you want us to replace the item, let us know when you call or email.  
Third Step: It is very important that you return the item to the correct shipping location. For your convenience, fill out the RMA form online, print it out and enclose it with the return. First, on the package, note the zip code of the address from which your order was sent and use it to access the correct return form. Copy and paste one of the following links into the address window of your browser then hit "Go" button.
If your order was shipped from zip code 49637 get an RMA form: Damaged return to Shipper 49637 
If it was shipped from zip code 15237 go here for the RMA form: Damage return to shipper 15237.
If it was shipped from zip code 60060 go here for the RMA form: Damage return to Shipper 60060
If it was shipped from zip code 43612 go here for the RMA form: Damaged_return_to Shpper 43612 .
If it was shipped from zip code 60172 go here for the RMA form: Damaged return to Shipper 60172
LOCATING THE RMA NUMBER: The RMA number on your return will be the same as the cart id order number with a -R added at the end. For example if your cart id number was 400089, your RMA# will be 400089-R. Be as specific as possible when completing the reason for your return. Also let us know whether you want us to replace the item or issue a refund.
Fourth Step: repacking the order.  Please repack the order exactly as you received it. It is not necessary to spend additional money to repack. The free gifts enclosed in the insert are yours to keep. If we are e-mailing you a return label from UPS, to avoid problems with the default spam filter on most e-mail accounts, add shipping@ornament-trees.com and pkginfo@ups.com to your white list, list of approved senders or buddy list. During the busy season (October 1 - December 22), when time is of the essence, use the contact information at the end of this page to get in touch with us if you have not been contacted by us within 3 business days of submitting a damage report.  
Here is a link to our General Return Policy: General Returns 
Here is a link to our Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations 
Here is a link to instructions for repacking the item:  Repacking 
Here is a link to the Refund Policy:  Refunds
Thanks again for your order. We appreciate your business.
Customer Service,
KCIC Christmas Ornaments
dba Ornament Trees.com
PHONE/SMS:  1.724.897.7393
FAX: 1.888.344.2779 
Contact Customer Service: custsvc@ornamenttrees.com
Send photos to: defective_item@ornamenttrees.com