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How to Select a Metal Ornament Tree

 Ornament Trees.com: How to Select a Metal or Twig Ornament Tree Perfect for Your Celebration


Want to buy a metal or twig ornament tree but are not sure where to start? Following these simple steps will help you to choose a tree or ornament stand that will be perfect for your needs.

READ OUR DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY ! We know you can not see/feel our products. We have actually seen the products on our site, and taken the measurements/ photos in order to give you detailed, accurate descriptions. We want you to be pleased with your purchase for many years to come! If you have a question, use the Contact Form or open a Chat with Customer Service. We'll be happy to answer or get an answer to any question.

When you see a "NOTE:" or recommendations in the description, it means we have added comment or a tip that will help with assembly or storage. Print out that page and keep it with your tree.

By the way, if the tree you receive is significantly different from our photo or written description, let us know. Occasionally manufacturers make changes to products without updating us. Or, the wrong item may have been shipped by mistake.

MEASURE THE SPACE in which you plan to display the tree. You can avoid purchasing a tree that is too small or too large when you know the height, width and depth of the available display space.

CONSIDER THE USE OF THE TREE. Are your ornaments irreplaceable or breakable? Do you therefore need to set the tree out of the reach of customers, children or pets? Do you want customers to access/purchase the products on the tree or just admire your unique way of celebrating the holiday?

COUNT THE NUMBER OF ORNAMENTS that you need to display. If you are selecting a tree to display a small collection of ornaments or products now but, intend to add more in the years to come, get a tree that will look nice with only a few ornaments yet has plenty of space for more. Twig trees generally work well for this.

CONSIDER THE TOTAL WEIGHT OF YOUR ORNAMENTS. For example: If you want to display 50 ornaments that each weigh 3 oz. the total weight is over 9 lbs and may exceed the weight that the branches of the tree can safely hold or its' motor comfortably rotate.

Most of our miniature metal trees (under 14") will accommodate ornaments weighing 1/2 - 3/4 ounce. Medium sized metal ornament trees (18"-36") will hold ornaments 1-2 oz. Certain of our larger metal trees (48"-72") can hold heavier ornaments 2-5 oz.  But, the arms on a few of these trees will break if used with ornaments weighing more than 3 oz. Our product description will tell you which can support heavier ornaments  and which cannot.

LED trees are intended for lightweight or miniature ornaments (1/2 oz or less) or no ornaments at all. Our solid wood trees or display stands can generally handle ornaments/crafts up to 4 oz.

How to weigh an ornament? Use a postal scale or kitchen scale. Bathroom scale can also be used if you weigh a box first, put 12 ornaments in the box and weigh. To get the weight of a single ornament, subtract weight of the box with ornaments from weight without ornaments and divide by the number of ornaments in the box.

As a general rule of thumb, most 3" hollow glass ornaments weigh less than 1 oz, resin ornaments are more solid and slightly heavier. 3" hollow porcelain ornaments and 2" solid class/crystal ornaments weigh between 2 and 3 oz. Solid glass/crystal Swarovski and Waterford balls and 3"-6" tall Radkos' usually weigh between 4 and 6 oz. If a tree on our site can hold heavier ornaments it is generally stated in our written description. Feel free to ask if it is not stated or unclear. 

DECIDE ON THE COLOR OF YOUR TREE. There are several design approaches you can use to select the color of your tree:

  • match the dominant trim color on your ornaments (i.e. gold trim and caps: gold tree);
  • match the dominant color in your ornaments (i.e. solid purple ornaments: silver (cool tone) or gold tree (warm tone);
  • complement the dominant warm or cool color tones in your décor - home, office, store (i.e. red décor, red ornaments: dark brown or gold tree, white décor, white ornaments: silver tree);
  • complement the secondary colors in your décor -  home, office, store (earth tones such as brown dominant, orange accents: gold tree);
  • coordinate with the dominant theme of your décor (i.e. country décor: brown twig style tree; contemporary décor: silver twig tree; Victorian or vintage décor: ornate style tree etc.)

This is one area where you can experiment and be bold with color and style. Try a unique color combination such as: red and silver; royal blue and silver; silver ornaments on gold tree or gold ornaments on silver tree; dark green and silver, turquoise and gold - you get the idea! :-)

DO YOU WANT TO ADD MOTION TO YOUR DISPLAY?  There are many options available now. You can set your entire tree on a rotating stand, place all of your ornaments on a rotating treerotate one or more ornaments on a tree or set your existing artificial tree in a rotating stand (with or without music) or in a rolling stand so that you can move it from room to room.


  • Check "Availability" under the pricing detail on the product description page. When stocking for the holiday season, we will post the approximate date the item will be available. Orders placed before an item is in stock are handled as a pre-paid back order and will ship automatically after inventory is updated.
  • Click the USA USA Shipping link at the bottom of each page to see how many business days it will take your order to get to you.
  • If you are planning to order a large quantity of trees, consider ordering one tree first - just to make sure it will meet your decorating needs. If not, you will have plenty of time to exchange it for a more suitable item.
  • Order several weeks in advance of your event.
  • Allow a few extra business days for the "unforeseen/unknown" - especially during winter, hurricane and tornado seasons.
  • Let us know if you need your tree or accessories by a certain date. We will do our best to  ship it in time for your event.
  • Decide who will keep the tree/s after the event is over. Purchasing with the intent to use and return is dishonest. And, we do not rent our products.

PLAN TO PUT THE TREE IN WELL-LIGHTED AREA. Metal trees are not lit. So, your tree and ornaments may need illumination from an external source. Up-lights are beautiful under a tall, floor standing tree. LED candles, votives, lamp with a clear or white shade will look beautiful next to a smaller, table top tree.

DON'T OVERLOAD THE TREE! Place heavier ornaments on the first level and balance them on both sides. This is particularly important if you are purchasing a rotating metal ornament tree or rotating platform for your ornament tree. The open, spacious design of metal and twig style ornament trees is intended to show off and highlight the unique features of special ornaments, crafts or products. 

KEEP THE SHIPPING CARTON.  Store your tree in it after the holiday unless it arrives damaged (in which case you should check the tree and notify us if parts are missing.)  

ORNAMENT TREE STORAGE BAGS. Transporting your knocked down, flat ornament tree to gift and craft shows or flea markets during the year? Get a large or small Ornament Tree Storage Bag. Ours are roomy enough to store a flat, disassembled tree plus other flat accessories such as folding display stands, hand-outs, pencils, pens, business cards for your booth or presentation. It can be stored on a hook or laid flat.


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