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Natural Birch LED Lighted Twig Tree - 52 inch

  • Brand: TP
  • Product Code: 16590
  • Availability: 20
  • $110.00


Natural Birch Lighted Twig Ornament Tree - 52"

  • 52" tall x 28-30" wide, center pole 1-1/2"W
  • Flat, birch painted trunk, plastic base is 7" in diameter
  • Runs on 110v US household current; AC adapter included
  • 36 flexible branches, + 4 crotches per branch
  • 8 lites per twig; 88+ LED lights; on/off switch
  • Base 9" square
  • Indoor use only!
  • Hanging height to tabletop varies from 12"
  • Oversized shipping carton
Add a fresh, new note to your holiday decorating by using a pre-lit ornament tree with a lightweight garland or blend of holiday florals around the base. Tan tree with dark brown birch type accents are composed of wire, LED light strands wrapped in heavy-duty paper tape, lightly coated with gesso and shaped into a twig style branches. Arms, center pole, and square metal base have painted birch markings, fake snow and iridescent glitter. The branches are posable and you can create a space of up to 12" between branch levels. We are not the best at arranging these things. :-) But, the main photo with upturned arms is how it should look. The simple style of these lighted trees is perfect for displaying lightweight products or ornaments. The branch crotches will hold ornaments or decorations weighing up to 2 oz. A 9 foot electrical cord gives you the flexibility to place the tree without using an extension cord. Some assembly of the base is required - instructions included.  

NOTES: (1) DO NOT USE SCISSORS OR ANYTHING SHARP TO CUT THE PLASTIC AROUND THE CORD OR AT THE BASE OF THE TREE! You will be cutting the electrical cord instead and we cannot accept a return/ exchange under those conditions. The plastic has a loose edge and can be unwrapped. (2) The instructions state that the housing for the cord is water-resistant. However, the instructions also say the tree is not to be used outside. (3) be careful to hang ornaments either to the front or the rear of the LED lights - not on the lites. (5) Keep the shipping carton and plastic wrappings. You will need them for off-season storage. It will be very important to store this tree in a cool, dry area. Moisture will damage the finish.

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Detailed Specifications Regarding This Product

  • Assembly Required. NOTE: Print the instructions in our description and keep with tree.
  • NOTE:  (1) DO NOT USE SCISSORS OR ANYTHING SHARP TO CUT THE PLASTIC AROUND THE CORD OR THE TREE LIMBS. You will be cutting the electrical cord instead and we cannot return/exchange it under those conditions.
  • Base Dimensions:  7"  Inches 
  • Branches:  36 flexible branches, 2 twigs per branch + 4 crotches per branch
  • Decoration: some enamel painting
  • Depth: 28-30" Inches - flat 
  • Width:  28-30" Inches at the widest point
  • Flat Base
  • Free Standing
  • Hanging Height to Table Top:  12"
  • Hanging height between branch levels:  can be configured by you
  • Height:  72"  Inches 
  • Holds Light Weight Item 0-.99 oz
  • Metal and Other Construction: Wire / Vinyl tape / gesso coating
  • Movable Arms? Yes
  • Number of Miniature LED Lights: 8 lites per twig; 88 LED lights
  • Primary Color:  True White
  • Secondary Colors:  Tan/ dark brown markings
  • Sold Individually

Specific Features Affecting the Use of This Product

  • AC Operated (US-2 Pins): 110V AC adapter included
  • Display Small or Paper Crafts Only
  • Indoor Only
  • Holds Lightweight Items Only- best for paper ornaments
  • Could hold up to 2-1/2"ornament weighing up to 1 oz but, arms deflect about 1" with each ornament
  • Holds Lightweight Ornaments/Products: 1 oz max
  • LED Lights:  Approx. 8 lites per twig;  88 LED lights total
  • No On/Off Switch
  • Not suitable for international electrical systems
  • Number of Ornaments: 100+ depending upon size and shape
  • One Piece Construction - threaded base
  • Plugs into standard US outlet 
  • Electrical Cord - 9 ft.
  • Suitable for Small Products, Paper Crafts, Hollow Ornaments (1" T or less)

  More Information Related to Shipping or Special Orders

  • Advance Order Recommended? No
  • Dimensional Weight? 22 lbs (Oversized shipping)
  • International Shipping? No- Manufacturer states transformer is not compatible with international current
  • Layaway Plan Available? Yes-up to 90 days, set up during checkout
  • Oversized? Yes
  • Restocking? Yes
  • Special Orders Available? Yes
  • Ships From Area Subject to Weather-Related Delays. Allow extra time during winter.



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