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Silver Winter Beauty Metal Ornament Tree-36 inch

  • Silver Winter Beauty Metal Ornament Tree-36 inch
  • Brand: TP
  • Product Code: 15494
  • Availability: 50
  • $78.00


Painted Silver Winter Beauty Metal Ornament Tree 36" 

  • 36" tall x 18" diameter base is approx. 15"-17" diameter
  • Holds round ornaments 3" or smaller
  • Suitable for a Money Tree or Family Photo Tree
  • Stationary arms/ not adjustable / most levels do not overlap
  • Tree comfortably holds 100-105 items depending upon their size and shape

Spare look, but sturdy design and easy to assemble. Metal tree with silver hand-painted wash give the tree an overall rustic metal finish. Tree can hold heavier Christmas ornaments such as your Swarovski or Waterford solid glass balls. First Level of branches is 21"W has 3 arms with 9 branches each (27 hanging spaces. ) 2nd Level is 18" W with 3 arms of 8 branches each (24 hanging spaces.) 3rd Level is 15" W with 3 arms of 7 branches each (21 hanging spaces.) 4th Level is 12.5" W with 3 arms of 5 branches each (15 hanging spaces.) 5th Level is 9"W with 3 arms of 4 branches each (12 hanging spaces.) Finial top level is 3.5"W with 6 hanging spaces. Arms are not movable you can arranged levels so that most of them will not overlap. The distance between first, second, third, fourth levels is 5". Hanging height to tabletop is 11". Distance between fourth level and finial is 4".  Comfortably holds 100-105 items / ornaments depending upon their size and shape. Suitable for use with ornaments 2" or more in diameter or 3" or more in length. Simplicity of its' design makes this dark brown tree also suitable for use as a money tree or family photo tree and will not complete with your ornaments or décor.

NOTE: Print these directions and keep with your tree. Arrives unassembled. Instructions are included. Go here to print a magnified view. Branches set down onto center post with tubes covering each section in between. The end of the pole that has the nut should be inserted into the base of the tree. Once assembled, it all tightens from the top. An open ended wrench is included. You can tighten by hand. If you use the wrench, be sure to cover it or your tree so that you do not ruin the painted finish. We had a bit of trouble getting all of the levels even before tightening. This might be a two person job - one to hold the levels straight and one to see, tighten.  A few of the branches had small burrs and the finish on some of the center stem sections was wrought iron rustic - not smooth. This metal ornament tree is available in dark brown, silver and gold.

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Detailed Specifications Regarding This Product

  • All Metal Construction (wrought, cast iron or other metal)
  • Assembly Required: Minor. Print our Product Description page and keep with your tree
  • Instructions included
  • Base Dimensions:  19.75"d
  • Branches:  15 /  Limbs / Crotches:  approx. 100-105
  • Width:   20.75"w
  • Footed Base
  • Free Standing
  • Hanging Height to Floor or Table Top:  11"
  • Height:  36" h   Inches 
  • Holds Heavy Ornament-Weighs Up to 4 oz
  • Holds Light Weight Item 0-2 oz
  • Holds Medium Weight Item 2-3 oz
  • Holds Heavy Weight Item 3-4 oz
  • Movable Arms?  No but can be arranged so that most do not overlap
  • Primary Color: Silver
  • Sold Individually

Specific Features Affecting the Use of This Product

  • Display Your Crafts
  • Gift Box: No
  • Indoor Only
  • Holds Cards / Photos or Lightweight Items
  • Holds Lightweight Ornaments/Products: 1 oz
  • Holds Medium Weight Ornaments/Products: 2 oz
  • Holds Heavy or tall Ornaments/Products: 3 oz
  • Jewelry, Crystal or Scarf Display
  • Number of Ornaments: 100+ depending upon size and shape
  • Number of Crafted Products: 85 or more
  • Suitable for Small Products, Paper Crafts, Hollow Ornaments (3" T or less)
  • Suitable for Medium Sized Products, Paper Crafts, Hollow Ornaments (3"-6"T)
  • Suitable for Large or Tall Products, Paper Crafts, Hollow Ornaments (6"-12"T)

  More Information Related to Shipping or Special Orders

  • Pre-paid Advance Order Recommended? Yes if out of stock.
  • Restocking after December 20, 2016
  • Dimensional Weight? 19 lbs.
  • Hand-Modified Item: No
  • International Shipping? Yes
  • Keep the shipping carton for off-season storage
  • Layaway Plan Available? Yes, $100 or more. 30 to 90 days. Set up at checkout.
  • Oversized? Yes
  • Restocking? Yes, If available
  • Special Orders Available? Yes even if item is out of stock. Contact us for assistance.
  • After December 1st, subject to availability.
  • Ships From Area Subject to Weather-Related Delays.  Allow extra time during the winter.



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